New thriller by Peter Bebjak

In Czech Cinemas April 7th 2022
Přehrát video

Characters and cast

Jan Kavka

A body and soul rescuer and an occasional boxer who wants to believe in justice and human kindness. Due to his profession he does not view the world in black and white, nevertheless his nature is not inclined to forgiving, not even himself. He is an open-hearted fatalist, acting instinctively and impulsively, but determined to take responsibility for his actions. In today’s world, an endangered kind of guy with whom a woman can afford to really be a woman.

Milan Ondrík

A popular Slovak actor known mainly for his theatrical roles, which he has been performing at the Slovak National Theater since 2011. His filmography is not yet as extensive, but it is definitely convincing due to the variety and quality of the roles. He has won the Crystal Globe at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for the film “Budiž světlo” (Deck the Halls) and his performance convinced even the jurors of the Slovak Film and Television Academy, who awarded him with a “Sun in a Net Awards”. Milan’s theatrical and film roles use the extent of his talent and ability to absorb any genre (“Marie Terezie” (Maria Theresa), “Veterán”, “Bourák” (The Banger)).

Michal Uter

The former middleweight, whose best boxing days are now history, lives a bachelor´s life with his dog Rocky. However, as an essential sportsman, fighter and proponent of fair play, he never accepted the gradual aging of his body and mind, and so he set up a small boxing club for those with lack of opportunity. In his hard-built microworld, he is a strict but fair king and devotes all his energy to promising boxers as a coach.

Hynek Čermák

A stem actor of the theatre Dejvické divadlo, whose filmography you could browse for quite a while. He is less known for his several years of performance in the successful generational theater ensemble CD 94, led by the current director of the theatre Švandovo divadlo. Hynek became known to the audience mainly thanks to the “Circus Bukowsky” and “Rapl” series. It didn ´t take long for great film roles as well as awards to come. “Nevinnost” (Innocence), “Ve stínu” (In the Shadow), “Gangster Ka”, “Poslední aristokratka” (The Last Aristocrat) and “Národní třída” (National Street) confirm his talent for portraying various characters on the big screen.


A girl from a children´s home with a talent for painting and a hobby of observing others. She didn´t have many male role models as a teenager, and therefore life in the man´s world becomes a daily struggle for her. After reaching the age of majority, she was able to stand on her own feet and, in combination with her stubborn nature, overcome various obstacles in life. The desire for higher order and family background brought her to Michal Uter’s boxing club, where she absorbs the almost family atmosphere and order she was used to in the children’s home.

Leona Skleničková

Leona is a new fresh face in the film world. She first appeared on the big screen in the movie “Modelář” (Droneman) directed by Petr Zelenka. She also boldly performed the role of an American student in the “Haunted” series for Netflix and you can see her in the Czech Television series “Ochránce” (The Defender). With her talent and language skills she also approaches the foreign film productions. The German film “Hui Buh und das Hexenschloss” is also a great film opportunity for her. She is also an active member of the Prague Shakespeare Company and for example performing in the play “Richard III” gave her the chance to explore India within the Bharat Rang Mahotsav International Theater Festival. Thanks to her studies in London, Leona speaks with a British accent and is a great athlete. “Stínohra” has diversified her repertoire with kickboxing, which she is fond of even when not filming.

Pavel Dvořák

Old school. An honest policeman who has devoted his life to fighting for the basic principles of morality and justice. He could certainly move more forward professionally, but his essential reluctance of choosing lesser evil and compromising on the excess of correctness did not allow him to cross his own shadow. In his world, untruth is a lie. He is something like an older alter ego of Jan Kavka, and that 2is one of the reasons why the two understand each other even without words.

Vladimír Javorský

Perennial star of the Czech cinematography. An actor of integrity with a great deal of empathy and the ability to immerse himself in the role. The viewer remembers Vladimír from big roles, but thanks to his humility, willingness to cooperate and aim not to be necessarily visible at all times, won’t overlook him even in the small ones. He has already won three “Czech Lion Awards” (“Báječná léta pod psa” (The Wonderful Years That Sucked), “Poupata” (Flower Buds) and “Milada”) and also the Czech Film Critics Award (“Poupata” (Flower Buds)). His theatrical journey led through the most famous Czech stages from the theatre “Husa na provázku” through “Činoherní klub” and all the way to the National Theater.

Helena Mudrová

An ambitious sharp policewoman who is the character’s opposite of her less successful colleague Dvořák. She has been through quite a hard time in her life, so one´s not really surprised that, as a mouse, she’s trying all the holes to get somewhere. But even after so many years of working and living crap a small flame of self-reflection and morality remains.

Kristýna Frejová

Kristýna is an experienced actress who can boast a number of theatrical and serial roles. After graduating at DAMU, she was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award as the Talent of the Year right after her first engagement. Although theatre is the most important for her, she never resists opportunities in film (“Kanárek”, “Příběh kmotra” (The Story of a God-father), “Modelář” (Droneman)), which underline her significant acting style.

Robert Stránský

He started with drugs at the age of fourteen, and since then, except for a few detoxes in borstal and prison, he hasn’t actually stopped. Even he himself can´t no longer determine where his personality ends and drugs begin, these two somehow merged into one. Most of the day he is zonked and the rest of the time he´s chasing money for shit. He lives in his dark world of dealers and traffickers and survives day to day.

Jan Jankovský

Honza is an established theater actor who does not hesitate to direct on the home stage of the “Činoherní studio” (“Lebka z Connemary”). He is not afraid of the slowly disappearing phenomenon of radio productions, of which he has recorded several. His film experiences include “Protektor” (Protector), “Balada o pilotovi” (The Pilot Tale) and “Chyby”.

Eva Kavková

An emancipated young doctor who came to work from Slovakia and her husband followed her. They are close in nature and occupation, but for the time being Eva prefers her profession to family life and therefore makes one fatal decision that triggers a chain of events ending in tragedy.

Dominika Morávková

She started as an actress in a community theater. Later she completed studies in acting in Bratislava and thanks to her striking talent and fragile appearance, she quickly gained great film roles (“Andělé” (Angels), “Johančino tajemství”, “Špína” (Filthy)).

About the movie

The main character of the story is Jan Kavka. A 40-year-old rescuer from a small town has just left his wife Eva. At the moment of separation, Eva becomes a tragic victim of a crime. Jan is a widower who lives with the knowledge that he indirectly caused his wife´s death and did not come to her aid at a critical moment. He finds refuge from a relentless sense of guilt thanks to his friend Michal in a local boxing club. He befriends Michal’s protégé Greta, to whom the gym makes up for the missing family background. Investigator Dvořák, who is in charge of the case of death of Eva Kavková, encounters a number of strange circumstances. It turns out that the perpetrator, the junkie Robert Stránský, is an informer under the protection of Mudrová, an investigator from the narc headquarters. Jan wants to believe in justice and hopes he can return to everyday life with the help of his friends. But the fear that the killer might eventually escape punishment leads him to his own path of retribution under unexpected circumstances and with uncertain results. But will he be able to, in addition to revenge, forgive himself?
Producers Jan Bradáč, Vendula Bradáčová – Hangar Films
Co-producers Matěj Chlupáček, Maja Hamplová – Barletta; Rastislav Šesták – DNA production, Martin Chalupský – Innogy; XPoint, Rozhlas a televizía Slovenska – RTVS
Screenplay Vendula Bradáčová
Script editing Petr Zelenka
Director Peter Bebjak
Cinematography Martin Žiaran
Make-up artist Lenka Nosková
Costume Design Jarmila Dunděrová
Production Design Mariana Kuchařová
Music Juraj Dobrakov, Avishai Cohen
Film editing Marek Kráľovský
Sound Jiří Klenka
Photograph Julie Vrabelová
Cast Milan Ondrík, Hynek Čermák, Leona Skleničková, Jan Jankovský, Kristýna Frejová, Vladimír Javorský, Dominika Morávková

The creators of the film

Peter Bebjak


“”Stínohra” is a film about a single moment that will affect your whole life.”

Peter Bebjak is an award-winning Slovak director whose work is characterized by a distinctive atmosphere and directorial approach. From short films (“Voices”, “Skvrna” (The Spot), etc.), through TV series and miniseries (eg. “Město stínů” (City of Shadows), “Za sklem” (Behind the Glass), “Spravedlnost” (Justice), “Herec” (Actor)) to feature films (“Meruňkový ostrov” (Apricot Island), “Čára” (The Line), “Trhlina” (The Rift), “Zpráva” (The Auschwitz Report), etc.), his sense of genre and precise work with actors is obvious, which is probably also influenced by the fact that he studied acting and works as an occasional actor himself (“Učitelka” (The Teacher), “Vodník”(Monsters of the Shore)). Peter is also the author of screenplays (“Zlo” (Evil), “Čistič” (The Cleaner)) and his love for film extends to production (“Trhlina” (The Rift)). The film “Čára” (The Line) won him the Crystal Globe for Best Director at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2017, and his historical drama “Zpráva” (The Auschwitz Report) (2020) was nominated for Oscar for the best foreign film representing Slovakia.

Vendula Bradáčová


„It’s a story of people who make mistakes but can take responsibility for them.“

Vendula Bradáčová is a screenwriter and director. A graduate photographer (classical black and white photography), who has been involved in documentary filmmaking for many years. For TV Prima she made dozens of travel documentaries, for Czech Television the competing series „Nejlepší česká škola“ (The Best Czech School) and for internet stream popular docu-reality series „Kokpit dokořán“.
In 2013, she founded the production company HANGAR FILMS, which searches for and covers interesting film projects. Under this company you can already find Vendula´s feature debut „Fulmaya, děvčátko s tenkýma nohama“, which became the third most visited documentary in cinemas during the same year. Hangar Films co-produced the film „Zítra napořád“, „Poslední aristokratka“ (The Last Aristocrat) and „Modelář“ (Droneman).

Jan Bradáč


„The most important theme of the film is the conflict between institutional justice and the subjectively set one.“

Jan Bradáč himself says that he is an illusions seller. He has been leading the film distribution company FALCON since 1997, and in 2001 he became the executive director of the CineStar network of multiplex cinemas. As a producer, he collaborated with the legendary Marie Poledňáková (“Líbáš jako Bůh” (You Kiss Like a God) and “Líbáš jako ďábel“ (You Kiss Like a Devil). He co-produced such Czech films as “Rok ďábla” (Year of the Devil), “Horem pádem” (Up and Down) and “Nejkrásnější hádanka”. You can meet him as a teacher at FAMO Písek. “Stínohra” is built on an autobiographical basis and it is his fulfilled authorial and production dream. He worked on its creation and path to realization for more than ten years.

Martin Žiaran

Director of photography
Martin’s cameraman´s work has been appreciated since his student years. Even today he continues in this spirit, winning several “Czech Lion Awards” (“Na střeše” (On the Roof), “Herec” (Actor)), the Czech Film Critics Award (“Hany”) and many “Sun in the Net” awards (eg. “Meruňkový ostrov” (Apricot Island), “Učitelka” (The Teacher), “Sklep” (Cellar)). He has a long-standing, fruitful and successful collaboration with Peter Bebjak, but he has worked with a number of Czech directors (Hřebejk, Najbrt, Mádl). He shot the “Stínohra” on film material.

Jiří Klenka

sound master

Jiří Klenka is an experienced and sought-after sound master. Thanks to his own studio KlenkaSound, he is able to pay the film the attention it deserves from A to Z. His precise work is known in the genre-wide spread of the films in which he collaborated (“Ene bene” (Eeny Meeny), “Kytice” (Wild Flowers), “Anděl páně” (Angel of the Lord), “Bourák” (The Banger), etc.) and for some of them he also collected several awards (“Kytice” (Wild Flowers) and “Želary”).

Maja Hamplová

casting director
Maja is an exceptional casting director, producer and the good soul of all actors‘ hearts. Thanks to her casting, you were able to enjoy the winning series of “Profesor T.” (Professor T.) at “Czech Lion Awards” or original film works such as “Polednice” (The Noonday Witch), “Bába z ledu” (Ice Mother) and “Národní třída” (National Street). Her screenwriting cum directing work, such as the music video for Vladimír Myšík, earned The Anděl Award.

Matěj Chupáček

Matěj is an extraordinary lover of film and also an extraordinary creator. His special and sincere interest gave birth to several original deeds in the world of the big screen (“Hany”, “Polednice” (The Noonday Witch“) as well as first-rate serial works (“Profesor T.“ (Professor T.), „Zrádci“ (Rats), “Pozadí události”). He does not limit his creative scope to a single profession. He is not only a director, but also a producer, and his production company Barletta is behind the executive production of many projects over the last few years.

Marek Královský

A versatile editor whose work consists not only of large feature film projects (eg. “Jánošík”, “Čistič” (The Cleaner), “Trhlina” (The Rift)), but also feature-length documentaries (“A road to Mecca”, “Comeback”, etc.) reflecting life around us. He also does not avoid animated works in short film form. With Peter Bebjak he forms a well-coordinated team on television series and miniseries (eg. “Spravedlnost” (Justice), “Herec” (Actor)).

Avishai Cohen, Juraj Dobrakov


Avishai Cohen is an Israeli composer, bassist and singer. The director Peter Bebjak was so impressed with the atmosphere and arrangement of the song called „Remembering“, that he chose it during the filming.

Juraj Dobrakov is also a permanent and long-term collaborator of Peter Bebjak. He participated in the final form of his television (“Případy 1. Oddělení” etc.) and film (eg. “Čistič” (The Cleaner), “Trhlina” (The Rift)) projects. He deals with music directing and professional mastering.



Premiere Prague

Premiere Bratislava



Written about the film

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Herecké hvězdy v thrilleru Petera Bebjaka

Hlavním hrdinou příběhu je Jan Kavka. Čtyřicetiletý záchranář z malého města právě opustil manželku Evu. V okamžiku rozchodu se Eva stane tragickou obětí zločinu.

Stínohra: Teaser

Hrdinou příběhu je Jan Kavka (Milan Ondrík). Čtyřicetiletý záchranář z malého města právě opustil manželku Evu (Dominika Morávková). V okamžiku rozchodu se Eva stane tragickou obětí zločinu.

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Touha po pomstě. Čermák a Ondrík v českém thrilleru

Režisér Peter Bebjak začal točit thriller Stínohra s Milanem Ondríkem, Hynkem Čermákem, Vladimírem Javorským nebo Kristýnou Frejovou.


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